Pop-Up Shop Package

Pop-Up Shop Package

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No need to wonder what inventory you need for your 1st or next pop-up shop. This package has everything you need bundled into one package so you don't have to worry about what to take.

Oh and before we forget, here is what's included:

2 Self-defense Keychains ( includes 2 Pepper Spray, 2 Puncture Tools, 2 personal alarms/Flashlights, and accessories)

1 Personal Alarm/Flashlight 

2 Comb Knives 

1 Pen Knife

1 Lipstick Stun Gun

2 Rechargeable Stun Guns

1 Brass Knuckle

1 Soda/Pop Can Diversion Safe

1 Rock Diversion Safe

1 Knife

Trust us, as long as there are people in attendance, you will more than likely sell OUT! This package retails for over $235!!!! But only costs you $110!!! What a flip!